Joe Kim

Class: Callout Cleric

Lawful Neutral

Skill Proficiency: +10 Magic | +5 Puns

STR: 12

DEX: 9

CON: 13

INT: 15

WIS: 13

CHA: 17

Language: Common, Griffons

Personality Traits: Confident, Inventive, Energetic

Ideals: Consistency

Equipment: Blessed Spellbook


“Magic Magik Magicks” — Not even the caster is completely sure about the exact magicks involved in this attack. The only thing that’s known is that the attack itself is very bright (inflicting blindness on enemies), and very powerful.

“Judgement's Toll” — It’s time to pay the piper… or in this case, the caster. This spell takes all accrued damage in a single battle, multiplies it tenfold, and then sends it back at the enemy. Depending on the accrued damage, this spell can make short work of mean ol’ bosses.


Joe is a lifelong gamer, ex-chef, ex-retail, ex-teacher, jack-of-all-trades kind of person. He loves learning about everything so that he can have a conversation with anyone, and if he doesn’t know something, he loves learning about it!

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