Erica de la Vega

Class: Sorcerer of Stills

Chaotic Good

Skill Proficiency: +10 Magic, +5 Soul Capture

STR: 9

DEX: 15

CON: 13

INT: 13

WIS: 17

CHA: 13

Language: Common, Uncommon, Deep Speech, Beholder

Personality Traits: Curious, Compassionate

Ideals: Truth

Equipment: Magic Camera, Soul Film Canisters


“Lazer Gazer Flash Mob!” — Attack caused by a magic beam emitting from a camera. All enemies hit by the beam are forced to dance uncontrollably. This powerful spell has been known to incapacitate entire armies.  

“Say Cheese” — Attack using magic camera that captures the soul of an enemy and traps it in a soul film canister. These can later be developed into amazing pictures and sold to collectors.


Erica considers herself a minor nomad, having lived in 16 different zip codes since she was a wee lass. She goes wherever she can find fulfilling employment, curious art scenes, and cute boba shops. She also enjoys uncovering as many layers of "Why?" as possible (but traversing into "but how?" complacency is the real enemy of progress). 

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