Erica Jones

Class: Fighter

Lawful Good

Skill Proficiency: +20 Pop Culture Knowledge | + 10 Humor

STR: 11

DEX: 9

CON: 10

INT: 17

WIS: 16

CHA: 17

Language: Common, Klingon, Elvish, the Language of Nature

Personality Traits: Curious, Outgoing, Friendly

Ideals: Truth

Equipment: Words That Hurt, the Sharpest Wit, Hellhounds


Skadoosh” — An extremely complex martial arts attack that leaves enemies humbled and humiliated.

“Fetch” — Unleashes adorable, but extremely deadly hellhounds on unsuspecting enemies.

“#$%&*” — No one truly knows where this word came from, but it sure does hurt. After using this attack, enemies lose 10 points of self esteem per second. This attack also confuses party members for three minutes.


Erica is a marketing savant and overall brilliant human being. In addition to being a pop-culture expert, she enjoys live music, attending cons, reading, saving recipes that she will never make, traveling and collecting pressed pennies. She’s a perfect fit for Rollacrit because she continues to buy board games even if she doesn’t have anyone to play them with. She spends the little remaining time she has catering to the whims of her dogs.

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