Kathryn Pagoni

Class: Rogue

Neutral Good

Skill Proficiency: +10 Fire Resistance | +5 Pyromania

STR: 12

DEX: 9

CON: 13

INT: 14

WIS: 15

CHA: 17

Language: Common, Avian

Personality Traits: Efficient, Curious, Friendly

Ideals: Truth

Equipment: Sassy Shuriken, Brass Knuckles of the Pheonix


Kiss of Death” —Throwing hands has an entirely new meaning when Brass Knuckles are involved. This attack goes POW! Right to the kisser of the enemy.


“Pheonix Punch” — Talking to birds has advantages. This attack summons a phoenix’s fire to inhabit any weapon belonging to the summoner. Enemies take +10 fire damage. Attacking a downed party member will result in resurrection with a temporary +5 fire damage bonus.



Kathryn loves cooking amazingly delicious things. She enjoys outdoor activities, especially if they involve the use of her motorcycle. In her spare time, she enjoys catching up on her favorite shows.