Frozen Lemonade Custom Glitter Resin D20

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Summer is especially rough for dragons. You know... because they run hot with all that fire burning inside them. That's why our favorite dragon Würfel opened up a frozen lemonade  stand down in the Dice Mines of Tircallor. Well, it turns out Würfel also has seasonal allergies and a gigantic sneeze led to the frozen lemonade somehow fusing with these D20 dice. Thankfully the chemical process sterilized them, so we don't have to worry about cleaning up dragon snot. 

Cool off this summer with this Frozen Lemonade Custom Glitter Resin D20. It's neither scented, nor edible. But it does look cool. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Frozen Lemonade Custom Glitter Resin D20
  • White/yellow resin die with holographic glitter
  • Gold-colored inking
  • Don't put it in your mouth
  • D20: 20mm
  • Materials: Resin
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age

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