Gen Con D20 8" Hex Neoprene Mouse Pad

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Just because we love tabletop doesn’t mean we don’t love computers. After all, that’s what we’re on right now. So, to make our “desktop” area a little more “tabletop” friendly, we decided to tap into the forbidden powers of technology and magic to merge boardgame iconography into a cool mouse pad design. The result is something that looks amazing.

Attending Gen Con online this year? Or do you just want an awesome desktop accessory? This Gen Con D20 8" Hex Neoprene Mouse Pad is perfect for any tabletop gamer who spends some time on their desktops too. The desktop and tabletop crowd may not always get along, but we’d like to think this mousepad is a good first step toward ending the Desktop/Tabletop Wars.

Product Specifications: 

  • Gen Con D20 8" Hex Neoprene Mouse Pad
  • Official Rollacrit merchandise
  • Gen Con 2021 Exclusive
  • We should experiment with magic and technology more often.
  • Dimensions: 8”
  • Material: Neoprene

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