To say Rollacrit began as a passion project would be an understatement. | Rollacrit

Founder and DM of Everything Awesome Erin Zipperle grew up with a healthy dose of tabletop and board games which was instrumental in creating his geekdom. He logged a decent amount of hours playing games with his family which gave him the mindset that life can be exponentially cooler with imagination.

After working boring jobs, ThinkGeek’s 8-bit tie (yes, a tie) led him to accept a marketing job at ThinkGeek in 2011 (even longer story) where he realized that you don’t have to hate your job if you love what you’re doing. In 2015, he began a consulting company focusing on other companies in the gaming and pop culture industry as a way to share his passion with others, which reawakened his childhood love of board games, a space that he thought needed  some love.

That’s when he formed the concept of Rollacrit—a hub for those of us who share a love of game days, where we’d unplug, get together and fight dragons, evil wizards, industry tycoons and the most evil being of all—social responsibilities.  gray stripe | Rollacrit

Board games have sparker our imagination | Rollacrit

It just makes sense that we want to share that passion with others. We think tabletop gamers deserve better—quality tees, collectibles and gaming accessories that don’t disintegrate before you can roll to cast a beginner spell. 

Don’t get us wrong, pop culture stuff is great (we have a ton of it too). But when’s the last time you found a really cool tabletop t-shirt that made you want to throw down your wallet and yell, “Take my money!”? Yeah, it hasn’t happened for us in a while either. That’s why we decided to jump in and do it ourselves.  

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What makes Rollacrit unique? | Rollacrit

Allow us to answer using a tabletop metaphor: It seems like there are a lot of other players out there using the same class type. There are an army of bards on media platforms praising board games, a horde of warriors brandishing stylish accessories, and a handful of dungeon master game developers spinning amazing stories. But no one is playing the other classes. 

For tabletop games to get the same amount of love and attention as video games, we know that we need to create a well-balanced raid party amongst the community. So, think of Rollacrit as your conjuror. We work with game studios to conjure up awesome things to support your party and level up your game room. And, to be honest, we just make the game a lot more fun. You’re welcome.

So, in the tradition of a good tabletop game, we’re not going to silo ourselves off from the other players. (This is co-op, after all.) We’re going to work together to make quality tabletop products that will make your game night even better.  

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Join us on our epic quest | Rollacrit

We want you to be part of the action and this journey. If you believe in our mission, please, support our brand! Wearing a Rollacrit shirt doesn’t just make you look 10% more attractive, it also gives you +2 INT and +1 CON boost. 

And if you’re a dungeon master class game developer looking for someone to conjure up products for your game, let us know. We know all the best spells (and a few curses too). We’re not going to say “help us help you,” because we’re better than that, but… help us make cool stuff together. 

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