Tabletop goes hybrid - September 16-19 2021

Rollacrit + Gen Con 2021 = New Exclusive Con Merch!

You must have a +5 luck modifier, because Rollacrit is your official vendor for Gen Con 2021, providing all of your exclusive convention merchandise needs. Founded by a group of former ronin, Rollacrit is a place for those who explore dungeons, construct settlements, defeat monsters, and roll dice with friends to escape the boring real world. 

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Gen Con Collectibles

There's always room for more collectibles... especially if they feature dragons. (Spoiler alert: We have dragons galore!) Complete your Gen Con 2021 experience with all the collectibles.

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Gen Con Gear

Mask up for this year’s biggest tabletop gaming event with this Gen Con Rainbow Dice Face Mask. No matter what other convention designs you decide to wear, they’ll look even better with this rainbow dice mask.

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Looking for more?!

We’ll be launching even more items as we get closer to Gen Con, so keep checking back for more tabletop apparel, accessories, and gear!

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