Our dragon, Würfel, oversees most of the operations here at Rollacrit using his exceptional business-savvy and agile. Not only does he coordinate his team of Shipping Dragons to distribute Rollacrit's Product Hoarde through Mount Rollacrit, he manages the trolls that work in Tircallor as well.

Würfel brokered a business relationship with the trolls who live in the caves below Mount Rollacrit, called Tircallor, to craft products for Rollacrit to offer more wares throughout the realm.

Rollacrit was born! | Rollacrit

The creative trolls handcraft and forge certain quest items as they are ordered (aka Forged on Request). Their unique forging process takes the estimated time shown on each product, even if you've picked faster shipping. But don't worry—their fingers are incredibly swift and accurate, ensuring each piece they touch is beautifully crafted.

When the creative trolls are finished handcrafting your unique items, they send them to the box trolls to package it all up and give it to Würfel’s team to ship in the method you requested (i.e. dragon speed, land dragons, or TrollPost).

Even though the trolls work under the mountain beneath our beautiful HQ, Würfel takes good care of them, ensuring they are well-fed and paid in either gold or rocks (they get to choose). He even opened a new re-education center for recovering internet trolls who go through an empowering rehabilitation process and become either box trolls, creative trolls, or interpretive dance trolls. But that's just who Würfel is: an advocate for second chances. 

In short, if you see that an item you want to purchase is made by trolls in Tircallor, it means that the item will be Forged on Request in the estimated time shown, and it will arrive separately from other items on your order. That's just how trolls are! 

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