Bring Your Own Dice—Why Every Player Should Have Their Own Dice

Since Rollacrit is named after the best kind of dice throw, we like to consider ourselves dice aficionados. That’s just a fancy way of saying we’re really opinionated about dice because we play with them almost all the time. But credentials aside, we’re intrinsically familiar with them—after all, dice are the components that make the gameplay exciting—the element of chance that’s introduced to a game.

So, let’s get to it! You’ve read the title: every player deserves their own dice. We know this isn’t a radical or extreme opinion. In fact, for most players, it’s common sense. But for those of you who might be new to tabletop gaming, we wanted to give you some reasons to consider getting your own dice (and not just because we sell them… but more on that later).

Here are the top three reasons you should consider getting your own dice.  



With so many colors, designs, and patterns, dice are another way to personalize your playstyle. Since tabletop games have become more popular over the years, more and more companies have taken to creating their own dice, thus increasing the available styles significantly.

Now if you’re playing a green mage from the Academy of Mystic Arts, you can find the perfect dice to match your character (we’d suggest some green resin dice with gold flakes and gold lettering). Some players (like most of us at Rollacrit) have multiple dice sets that we can alternate depending on what tabletop game we’re playing and who we’re playing against.  


Bragging Rights

It’s always cool to see what dice your friends are playing with, but let’s be honest—you’ll always want to have the best set at the table, right? Having the coolest dice at the table is an opportunity for bragging rights. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for unique dice that don’t look like anything we’ve ever seen. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition and silent judgment. It’s only a problem if the “unique” dice you found have also been discovered by every other player at the table (it’s a huge issue at Rollacrit—but at least we all have good taste).



Having your own dice is just convenient. Period. You don’t have to worry about borrowing someone else’s set, or sharing and passing them around the table. As we’ve gotten more into tabletop, we have started paying attention to things like the weight and feel of our dice. Eventually, we discovered our own preference (dice made from emeralds and engraved with titanium lettering).

You might even discover a pair of lucky dice or a special way to throw your dice. No matter your preference, it’s just easier to come with your own dice.


Warning! Shameless self-promotion ahead.

If you’re looking for a unique set of dice, we’d suggest you check out what we have to offer. We’re not exaggerating when we say we have good taste. It’s a pretty established fact now (just check out our Rollacrit shirts—those are ART). So, trust the experts and find your next set of dice at Rollacrit. Who knows, you might just find the perfect set for rolling crits.


About the Author:

Michael Baker is the main content writer at Rollacrit with a flair for haiku. He previously wrote for ThinkGeek (and a bunch of other places). In his spare time, he enjoys playing tabletop games, writing about comics and pop culture, and cultivating his dog’s Instagram presence.


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