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Game nights attract different types of people, and if you know your group, you can end up with a pretty good gaming session. While we’re pretty tight with our current group, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a few favorite types of players. Let’s explore some of our favorites.

The Cosplayer

This is the person who really gets into their character and comes dressed to play. Why do we love cosplayers? They draw people further into the game and make it 100% more fun to play. There’s also a subgenre of cosplayers known as “method cosplayers” who really get into character and stay that way—but that can be a hit or a miss depending on what you’re playing. (Don’t play anything that involves murder, just to be safe). As a bonus, Cosplayers are usually good at sewing, so they can help you with that one button that fell off your jacket.

The Early Bird

The early bird arrives… you guessed it… early, and helps you set things up. It’s pretty easy to answer why we love the early birds—they’re helpful, generous, and really nice. But most importantly, they’re usually some of the most dedicated players, even if they don’t dress up.

The Snack Squire

Ah, the snack squire. Bringer of snacks. Gatherer of sustenance. Feeder of many. This is a person who brings snacks for everyone (even though you didn’t ask them to do it). Note, the snack squire is not to be confused with the food goblin, who brings (usually delicious) food solely for themselves and eats it in front of everyone. Sharing is caring, and the snack squire knows this. We strongly suggest trying to surround yourself with snack squires.

The Cleaner

Though the early bird arrives early, the cleaner stays late. This is the person who helps clean things up and returns your living space to normal so that your partner, significant other, or parental unit doesn’t nag you about it. The cleaner is a person of patience and grace. Note that an early bird who also stays late isn’t a cleaner; they’re considered The Gift.

Consider yourself lucky if one of these tabletop players winds up in your game group. And if they do, never let go. Ever.  


About the Author:

Michael Baker is the main content writer at Rollacrit with a flair for haiku. He previously wrote for ThinkGeek (and a bunch of other places). In his spare time, he enjoys playing tabletop games, writing about comics and pop culture, and cultivating his dog’s Instagram presence.


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