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As a person with a lot of tabletop games, I’d have to say that storage is probably my biggest struggle. It seems like I’m forever searching for something that can hold all my boxes while looking nice — and not make it seem like I’m hoarding boxes.

Recently, I opened up to my friends about this issue (mostly because I was in the middle of apologizing for my current "leaning tower of games"), so imagine my surprise when I heard them echo the sentiment. I’m not alone! We talked at length about the struggle with finding something that was affordable, looked good, and functioned. And so, fueled with the knowledge that this was a shared struggle, I searched for something that would work. What I found… was a slow descent into madness and half a day spent on Ikea’s website, customizing every aspect of my dream cabinet. 

First of all, I want to say this isn’t a sponsored blog. I’ve just been spending a lot of time on Ikea’s website lately, fueling the emptiness inside my soul with online shopping. But I wanted to share the results with others who might be in a similar situation. As an added bonus, my sacrifice is your gain. I've included the customization codes in the headers so you can see exactly what parts I selected. 

So, without further exposition, here are three different Ikea configurations of the Pax model to match your storage (and budget) desires.


The “I'm On a Budget” - F2PH8S

At $190, this first configuration is where I started. It’s the most basic version on this list, and it does what it’s supposed to — it gives me space to store my tabletop games. I chose 13 1/8 inches between most adjustable shelves because most of my games aren’t taller than 12 inches, and I hate it when things look crowded. The top shelf and bottom are a little taller to allow for my larger games. Overall, this works, and at under $200, it’s not too bad! This configuration also has the added bonus of being the easiest to put together.


The “Storage Surprise” - F2PKRT

Not Shown: DOORS!

Once I started playing with all of the different ways to customize the Pax model, I asked myself a question: “What if it had doors?” The result was this slightly more expensive $380 configuration with doors AND A DRAWER. This would let me stack my games however I wanted if it was closed, and no one would be able to see the chaos inside. This configuration would also give me three large shelves allowing me to be as organized as I wanted. I opted for a drawer and divider near the bottom to store all of my minis and smaller pieces, as well as let me keep the larger games, accessories, and expansions together.

Overall, I liked this version, and having a door would let me put this pretty much anywhere in the house without worrying about my tabletop games clashing with my other décor.  


The “Show Off” – F2PM5T

Initially, I was going to go all out to create the most expensive version of the Pax possible, but the more I added, the more I thought about what I actually needed. And so, at $427, we have something that I think merges usefulness with presentation.

This version takes my favorite parts of the previous two builds and mashes them all together. It has a lot of shelf space and multiple drawers (one with an organization insert for my dice sets). But this one also has a different top shelf that wouldn’t be obvious unless you looked at it head-on. I swapped out the top wooden shelf for a nice glass one and added an LED light strip at the top. This lets me create a tasteful display on the top shelf to show off my favorite collectibles.


So, there you have it. I’m not an interior decorator by any means, but I am pretty pleased with myself for coming up with “The Show Off”. Now I just need to find someone to build it for me. Any takers? I can pay you using the valuable currency of “joy” and “gratitude.”


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Michael Baker is the main content writer at Rollacrit with a flair for haiku. He previously wrote for ThinkGeek (and a bunch of other places). In his spare time, he enjoys playing tabletop games, writing about comics and pop culture, and cultivating his dog’s Instagram presence.


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