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This week we’re doing something different and highlighting a Kickstarter that isn’t Heroes of Barcadia. This new Kickstarter is just a few weeks old and already has $66,300+ in pledges. And best of all, it has a TON of talented and familiar faces in it. Meet Tabletop News, a weekly rundown of the tabletop gaming industry’s latest news created for gamers by gamers.

What Is It?

Tabletop News is the first consolidated weekly news show of its kind, covering diverse stories from the biggest companies in the tabletop gaming space to talented independent developers (especially BIPOC creators). It’s a celebration of tabletop gaming in all its forms!

The weekly series also features familiar faces from recognizable tabletop places like Good Time Society, Dimension 20, Roll20, Critical Role, SYFY, and more! The current rotating team of hosts includes Becca Scott, Carlos Luna, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Xander Jeanneret, Katie Wilson, Surena Marie, and Nathan Ondracek.

How Can I Help?

If Tabletop News sounds like something that might interest you, check out their Kickstarter and back them! They have a bunch of different pledge levels starting at only $10, and the rewards are pretty cool, especially if you want to get your name in the credits.

Their goal is to get to $150,000, and we want to help them reach it. Why? Because we believe in supporting creators in the tabletop space.

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