Heroes of Barcadia Now Available for Pre-Order

Wilmington, DE, August 30, 2021 - After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $1.25 million, Heroes of Barcadia is now available for the public to pre-order. This will be your only chance to get the Kickstarter version of the dungeon-crawling party game, which includes accessories and features that will not be available anywhere else! 

In Heroes of Barcadia, two to six players take on the roles of Barcadian champions to battle monsters and bosses, collect Power-Ups with mystical abilities, and race to collect the elusive Drink Hoard hidden in the dungeon! There is a special twist to this game: your character’s health is measured by the liquid in your cup, a liquid life system, if you will. Getting hit by a monster forces you to take a drink, slowly sipping down your health pool until it’s back to square one. 

“Heroes of Barcadia started out as a joke product years ago and has become something bigger than I ever dreamed it could be,” said Madison O’Neil, Heroes of Barcadia designer and illustrator. “Knowing that people all over the world are going to play this game with their fellow dungeon explorers, craft beer fans and friends is an incredible honor, cheers!

For those that were unable to back the game on Kickstarter, they will have a limited time to pre-order the game and receive all of the perks that were unlocked during the campaign. Once pre-orders close, these exclusives will not be available again. Exclusives include:

    • Additional Power-Up Cards
    • Additional Monster Rooms
    • Cloth drawstring bag for trap tokens
    • Bottle cap shaped trap tokens
    • Exclusive colorway D20 dice
    • Additional Loot Cards
    • Laminated rule book
    • Enhanced Drink Hoard card
    • Enhanced game box
    • Heroes of Barcadia stickers
    • The Liquornomicon - A collection of themed drink recipes 

Heroes of Barcadia is scheduled to ship around March 2022. Be sure to follow Rollacrit on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates and sneak peeks at the game! 


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