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Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the most exciting gaming event of the year: Gen Con 2023! As your go-to Gen Con Store, we have a plethora of exciting offers and exclusive deals lined up just for you. But this year is EXTRA special because Rollacrit is making its grand debut on the show floor at Booth 1749 for the first time.

Rollacrit Booth Gen Con Exhibitor Map | Rollacrit


Rollacrit Booth Info

We’ll still be manning the Gen Con Store, but in addition to Rollacrit exclusives, you’ll also be able to shop the Gen Con Mini Mart at the Rollacrit Booth. And speaking of our booth…

While you’re shopping, don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on the debut of the retail edition of Heroes of Barcadia and its add-ons, including the highly anticipated retail edition of the Party Pack. Those attending Gen Con will be able to play a game demo at the Rollacrit booth and also at a special event at Nevermore (more on that below). But before we get into that, check out our products to plan your gaming haul!

Rollacrit Booth Heroes of Arcadia Items | Rollacrit

Heroes of Barcadia is about to get a lot more plushy! That’s right — we are proud to announce the launch of the brand-new Heroes of Barcadia plush releasing July 25th, 2023. These adorable companions will be available at our booth, and we'll have various options to suit every adventurer's taste. Take a peek at our plush selection and prepare to fall in love with these cuddly heroes.

Heroes of Barcadia Plush | Rollacrit

Convention Specials

To make your Gen Con experience even more memorable, we have prepared some fantastic specials and exclusive giveaways at the Rollacrit Booth.

Hangogre Bundle
For the ultimate Heroes of Barcadia fan, we present the Hangogre Bundle (at Gen Con, in person only), featuring EVERYTHING Heroes of Barcadia (excluding the plush and the shirt) at a special price of $275 (valued at $326). Supplies are limited, so take advantage of this incredible offer.

Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts
With every purchase of Heroes of Barcadia, you'll receive an exclusive Con Crud Card specially designed for Gen Con attendees. It's the perfect way to commemorate your adventures and battles fought during the convention.
Spend $50 or more and receive a free Heroes of Barcadia/Rollacrit Lanyard. Level up your purchase to $100 or more, and we'll throw in a free Heroes of Barcadia "Boss" D20. And for those who go all-in with a purchase of $150 or more, you'll receive a free Bag of Holding Tote Bag.

Rollacrit Gift With Purchase | Rollacrit

Gen Con Store Gifts
When you spend $175 or more at the Gen Con Store, you'll receive a custom 2023 Rollacrit Tasha's Green Mist Sharp Edge Resin D20 for free. And if you love the D20 and want a complete set, you can take that D20 to the Rollacrit booth and get $10 off the rest of the complete set. Check out the Gen Con Store Blog post for more details on this fantastic offer.

Tashas Green Mist D20 and Dice Set | Rollacrit

Coupon Book
While at Gen Con, don’t forget to pick up a coupon book. It’ll tell you how to receive a FREE exclusive Heroes of Barcadia "Grand Drink Guardian" D20. (Spoiler alert, you just have to sign up for emails from Rollacrit — it’s a steal!)

Bag of Holding
We have a special announcement for all you Kickstarter enthusiasts. Stop by the Rollacrit booth to sneak a peek at the Bag of Holding, which will be featured in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, launching at the end of August. It's going to be a game-changer, and you won't want to miss out.

Rollacrit Bag of Holding | Rollacrit

Exciting Events Beyond the Show Floor: Nevermore

Gen Con is not just about the show floor and booth excitement; it's also about exploring new spaces and experiences. We invite you to Nevermore, a fantastic bar where the Heroes of Barcadia adventure continues. Located just a short distance from the convention center, Nevermore is the perfect spot to relax, indulge in delicious food and drinks, and demo Heroes of Barcadia. Check out the map below!

Nevermoore Gen Con After Party | Rollacrit

Join us at the Heroes of Barcadia's Beer Hall within Nevermore from Thursday to Saturday between 11 am and midnight. (Please note, Nevermore is open to all ages until 8 pm, after which it transitions to a 21+ environment.) As you immerse yourself in the world of Heroes of Barcadia, you’ll be able to take a photo as the infamous "Con Crud" Monster Tile and immortalize your Gen Con experience.

We are proud to partner with Hunter's Entertainment and Backerkit in this exciting space. In addition to demos, you can enjoy carnival games, take a break from the bustling show floor, and savor some real food and refreshing drinks. Indulge in our themed drink and food options, such as the Rollacrit Radical Street THAC0s, which includes street tacos (chicken), chips and salsa, and your choice of soda OR beer/Well Drink. And don't forget to try the Barcadia Blitzer, a delightful concoction of Hard Truth Bourbon Maple Cream, Stoli Vanilla Vodka, and Root Beer.

Join Rollacrit at Gen Con 2023

Gen Con 2023 is shaping up to be the ultimate adventure, and Rollacrit is honored to be part of the journey. Whether you're exploring our booth, indulging in food and drinks at Nevermore, or immersing yourself in the Heroes of Barcadia experience, we promise to make your time unforgettable. So, grab your friends, join us at Booth 1749, and let the dice roll in your favor at Gen Con 2023!

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