Rollacrit at Gen Con 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Booth 3027 | Rollacrit

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the most exciting gaming event of the year: Gen Con 2024! As your go-to Gen Con Store, we have a plethora of exciting offers and exclusive deals lined up just for you. BUT, we also have a booth on the show floor. Be sure to visit us at Booth 3027!

Rollacrit at Gen Con 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Booth 3027 | Rollacrit

Rollacrit Booth Info

We’ll still be manning the Gen Con Store in the Wabash Lobby, but you’ll also be able to shop the Gen Con Mini Mart at the Rollacrit Booth, along with some exciting Rollacrit exclusives.

While you’re at our booth, don't miss the chance to grab the Bag of Holding by Rollacrit if you missed the Kickstarter! We’ll also have Heroes of Barcadia available, of couse, and in exciting news...

Heroes of Barcadia: Heroes for Hire is coming to Kickstarter this fall! Expect new heroes, new power-ups, and new chaotic effects! We will be bringing all the stuff to demo at our booth. Don't delay and sign up today be to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live! Need a new hero sooner than the Kickstarter launch? You're in luck, because we've partnered with Voodoo Ranger to launch our first Hero for Hire at the show! Purchase this new character cup at the Rollacrit Booth or at Nevermore and get a free Voodoo Ranger drink token to be exchanged for a Voodoo Ranger beer at Nevermore during the show.

Those attending Gen Con can play a game demo at the Rollacrit booth, Double Exposure Demo Table, and at a special event at Nevermore (more details below).

Convention Specials

To make your Gen Con experience even more memorable, we have prepared some fantastic specials and exclusive giveaways at the Rollacrit Booth.

Hangogre Bundle

For the ultimate Heroes of Barcadia fan, we present the Hangogre Bundle (at Gen Con, in person only), featuring EVERYTHING Heroes of Barcadia (excluding the Voodoo Ranger cup) at a special price of $215 (valued at $263). Supplies are limited, so take advantage of this incredible offer.

Bag of Holding Bundle

When you purchase the Bag of Holding, Shoulder Pad, Badge Wallet, Tech Pouch, and Velcro Strap – you’ll receive a Free Strap and Zipper Charm Set as a bonus. This exclusive deal is perfect for enhancing your convention experience with both style and convenience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to fully equip yourself with all the essential accessories and score some free extras while you’re at it!

Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts!

  • Receive an exclusive Con Crud tile and Heroes of Barcadia Ribbon with every purchase of Heroes of Barcadia or by signing up for the Heroes for Hire Kickstarter (while supplies last)! Additionally, if you sign up for the Heroes for Hire Kickstarter, you'll get a free Die of Barcane Chaos Power-Up Card. You can also snag a Heroes of Barcadia Ribbon by demoing the game at the Rollacrit booth, Double Exposure Demo Table, and Nevermore!
  • Sticker lovers, rejoice! We're offering an irresistible deal: Buy any 3 stickers and get 1 free! Whether you're looking to decorate your laptop, water bottle, or game box, this is the perfect chance to add some extra flair to your goodies.
  • Get a free Rollacrit Merit Badge with any purchase of the Bag of Holding Velcro Merit Strap! Just show us your Bag of Holding Velcro Merit Strap or purchase one at the show to claim your badge. Limit of one per customer, while supplies last!
  • Get a free drink token with every purchase of a Voodoo Ranger Hero for Hire Cup! This wooden token is good for one Voodoo Ranger beer at Nevermore Tavern. Remember, you must be 21 or older to redeem your drink. 
Rollacrit at Gen Con 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Booth 3027 | Rollacrit

Coupon Book

While at Gen Con, don’t forget to pick up a coupon book. It’ll tell you how to receive a FREE Tasha's Green Mist D20 (while supplies last)!

Exciting Events Beyond the Show Floor: Nevermore

Gen Con is not just about the show floor and booth excitement; it's also about exploring new spaces and experiences. Join us at Nevermore on Saturday, August 3 — it's a fantastic bar where the Heroes of Barcadia adventure continues. Located just a short distance from the convention center, Nevermore is the perfect spot to relax, indulge in delicious food and drinks, and demo Heroes of Barcadia. And remember, we've partnered with Voodoo Ranger to debut our first Hero for Hire at the show and you can purchase it at Nevermore!

Join Rollacrit at Gen Con 2024

Gen Con 2024 is shaping up to be the ultimate adventure, and Rollacrit is honored to be part of the journey. Whether you're exploring our booth, indulging in food and drinks at Nevermore, or becoming a hero for hire, we promise to make your time unforgettable. So, grab your friends, join us at Booth 3027, and let the games begin!

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