Rollacrit Launches New Board Game Retail Site

Rollacrit Launches New Board Game Retail Site:
Conjuring quality products for board gamers and tabletop players

A new player has taken a seat at the table, creating products for board and roleplaying games. We're Rollacrit, an employee-owned lifestyle brand for analog gamers, and we've recently launched our online storefront with the goal of making it easier for tabletop players to find collectables, housewares, and lifestyle merchandise of next-level quality and style.

Founded by a group of former ronin, Rollacrit is a place for those who explore dungeons, construct settlements, defeat monsters, and roll dice with friends to escape the boring real world. Featuring apparel, collectibles, housewares, game accessories, and more, we're bringing quality original and licensed merchandise directly to players. 

“Creating Rollacrit has been a journey, much like the best tabletop games,” said Erin Zipperle, DM and Founder of Rollacrit. “We’ve spent most of our careers working on products for video games and pop culture, but noticed a lack of fun merch for us boardgamers. Analog gamers deserve better, and so we created a lifestyle community for those who share a love of all things tabletop.” 

Rollacrit is an inclusive home for players of all skill levels and game types. Whether you’re a casual gamer, a serious roleplayer, or a resource game strategist, there’s a seat for you at our table. You don't even need to bring dice; we have plenty to share.

In addition to selling awesome products online and to our retailer partners, we also provide product development services for content creators and game studios as well. Whether you’re stocking your online store or need rewards for your crowdfunding campaign, Rollacrit can conjure up awesome things to support your fans and increase their game room stats. 

“We’re here to support content creators, game developers, and players with the products they didn’t know they needed,” said Conrad Pflumm, COO of Rollacrit. “We want both casual and hardcore gamers to join us on our epic quest.” 

Join us on our epic quest right here at as we spread the joy of tabletop and board games to all. 

About Rollacrit
Rollacrit is a lifestyle brand and hub for those who share a love of tabletop and board games. We work with game studios to create tabletop and board game collectibles, accessories, apparel, and more because we believe analog gamers deserve better. Join us on our epic quest at as we spread the joy of tabletop and board games to all. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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