Brian Schmit

Class: Ranger

Chaotic Good

Skill Proficiency: +10 Aim

STR: 13

DEX: 13

CON: 12

INT: 10

WIS: 17

CHA: 15

Language: Common, Celestial, Old Norse

Personality Traits: All of them

Ideals: Choice

Equipment: Giant Sphere of Many Projectiles


“Sphere of Doom” — The user deploys a Giant Sphere of Many Projectiles which launches powerful ranged attacks in all directions. ALL directions. The user and their party are not spared from the onslaught, but if they can find cover, it’s possible they may survive to fight another day. Once the sphere’s projectiles are depleted, it costs a small fortune to restock.

“Outside!” — A massive ridable wave rolls in like a tsunami and sucks all enemies into the ether. The caster provides their party with handy surfboards to keep them save, though party members with low coordination have been known to take damage.


Brian is sword fighting enthusiast who likes collecting toys, games, and miniatures. He’s also an accomplished surfer who has won multiple homemade surfing awards that are completely legitimate and not to be questioned.  

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