Colby Fayock

Class: Warlock

Neutral Good

Skill Proficiency: +15 Magic | + 10 Web Magic

STR: 14

DEX: 13

CON: 9

INT: 14

WIS: 17

CHA: 12

Language: Common, Language of the Celestials, Space Latin

Personality Traits: Curious, Consistent, Easy-going, Passionate, Friendly

Ideals: Truth

Equipment: Fiery Sword of Flaming Ouch


“Colbikaze” — A last-ditch attack that sacrifices 90% of available health to boost attack by 90%. This is the big one. There’s a lot of fire and screaming and it’s pretty cool.

“Has’ Hainf sa Laitbes” — Sure it looks like gibberish to you, but this is an ancient spell learned from the Celestials. It calls forth a massive hellfire storm that decimates the enemy. And any surrounding structures, people, fluffy animals, etc.


Colby is a web developer and designer with more than 10 years of experience. He also helps other people learn to code and use cool developer tools. In his remaining free time, he loves to travel with his wife and play couch co-op games.

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