Erin Zipperle

Class: Ranger/Sorcerer/Tabletop Evangelist

Neutral Good

Skill Proficiency: +20 Drive | +15 Knowledge | + 10 Humor

STR: 13

DEX: 17

CON: 13

INT: 16

WIS: 16

CHA: 17

Language: Common, Hochdeutsch, Celestial, Elvish

Personality Traits: Satirical, Prepared, Driven

Ideals: Honor

Equipment: Bow of Entanglement, Laser Sabre of Justice, Sticky Notes of Many Tasks, Shoes of Comfort


“Lion Shot” — Launch a small lion (who may actually be a cat) at the enemy from a trusty bow. Side effect: temporary blinded by betrayal.

“Voooooooooom” — Activates laser sabre. Hits with the sabre will do +20 damage if user is making the sound effect themselves.

“Sticky Note Attack” — Attack with a stack of sticky notes. 50% chance to cause papercuts but increases enemy aggression by 6% per cut.


Erin is a pop culture aficionado who loves tabletop games, travel, and all things geek. A longtime ThinkGeek alumnus, Erin has taken his love of board games and turned it into Rollacrit, a home for tabletop game lovers everywhere. His greatest weapon (besides that sharp wit) is his enthusiasm for sharing his passion with others.

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