Lisa Bell

Class: Ranger

Chaotic Neutral

Skill Proficiency: +15 Art | + 10 Archery

STR: 14

DEX: 13

CON: 17

INT: 14

WIS: 12

CHA: 9

Language: Common, Goblin, Semi-Proficient in Orc

Personality Traits: Conscientious

Ideals: Vengeance

Equipment: Phantom Trident of Pain, Bow of Time Space, Vorpal Arrows


“Phantasm Flash” — Melee attack with Phantom Trident of Pain. Does significant “ow” damage and has a 5% chance of raising a fallen hero. Also blinds opponents (and friends) for 10 seconds.

“Bullseye” — Shoots a special Vorpal Arrow will suck the target into a pocket dimension without air for 30 seconds. Do not play with Vorpal Arrows. They are not a joke.


Jonathan is a nature and space enthusiast and photographer. When he’s not capturing epic shots, he makes some of the amazing art on Rollacrit. Bet you didn’t know that you’ve been trapped in an art experience, did you? Well, now you do. So, enjoy it.

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