Laura Mahoney

Class: Wizard

*Lawful* Good

Skill Proficiency: +20 Law | + 10 Order

STR: 10

DEX: 9

CON: 11

INT: 17

WIS: 17

CHA: 16

Language: Common, Legalese

Personality Traits: Challenging, Compassionate, Efficient

Ideals: Courage

Equipment: Magical Law Books, Gavel of Guiltiness


“Objection!” — All attacks on a battlefield are paused for 20 seconds.

“Throw the Book at ‘Em” — Heavy law books are thrown at the enemy. For every successful hit, the enemy incurs an extra +5 damage.


Laura is Rollacrit’s legal expert and law whisperer. When she’s not saving the company from potential conflicts of interest, she enjoys the finer things in life, like traveling, reading, exploring, and spending as much time near the beach as possible. Direct contact with the sun gives her a +5 bonus to all skills.

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