Max Grove

Class: Warlock

Neutral Good

Skill Proficiency: +15 Research | + 10 Humor

STR: 11

DEX: 13


INT: 16

WIS: 9

CHA: 17

Language: Common, Serpent's Tongue

Personality Traits: Curious, Organized, Easy-Going

Ideals: Courageous

Equipment: Magic Fire Sword, Snakeskin Armor


“Solar Flare” — Strikes with Magic Fire Sword for +6 burn. Also singes eyebrows.

“Poison Snakeshake” — Throws a homemade poisoned potion that will guarantee one of the following effects at random: paralysis, poison, mild inconvenience, or instant death.


Max is an amateur geologist and paleontologist. In his free time, he plays and DMs DnD and other tabletop games. When it comes to reading, you can find him in the New Wave/Science Fiction section (especially if the subject matter is super interesting, experimental, or weird). Max is a well-rounded gamer and occasionally finds himself lost in the world of Bloodborne for a few hours.

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