Rachael Fulginiti

Class: Sorcerer

Chaotic Good

Skill Proficiency: +10 Pop Culture Knowledge | +10 Cosplay

STR: 11

DEX: 16

CON: 11

INT: 16

WIS: 17

CHA: 9

Language: Common, Elvish, Shyriiwook, the Language of Nature (Groot dialect)

Personality Traits: Outgoing, Friendly, Compassionate

Ideals: Truth

Equipment: Dagger of Venom, Noir Disk, Magic Blocks of Ouch


Raining Anxiety Attack” — This ability summons the opponent's deepest, darkest worries and make them real, sending them into a paralyzing panic attack.

“Disk of Noir” — An attack using a weapon from a strange cybertronic world. Using the Noir Disc, the attacker targets opponents to suffer annoying, but superficial damage including hang nails, paper cuts, and toe stubbing. The pain raises the target’s annoyance level and lowers their defense by 20.


Rachael enjoys traveling and exploring new places (in fact she’s been to more than 12 different countries and counting)! When she’s not designing in the digital world, she’s either teaching painting or making fun cosplays. Rachael’s favorite genre is sci-fi, and she is a huge Star Wars and Tron fan. Her favorite animal is a platypus (with cat coming in as a close second). Her favorite past time is napping.

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