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When it comes to playing tabletop games, we’re always looking to elevate the experience. We’ve talked about creating the right ambiance for your game night before, but today we’re taking a slightly more adult approach. That’s right. We’re talking about pairing tabletop games with alcohol.

Just a reminder — we will always advocate that people drink responsibly and wait until they are of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages. These drink ideas are simply suggestions based on the aesthetic of the following games, and are meant primarily to be whimsical entertainment. If you do decide to try some of these out, let us know how your experience went, but please make sure you are in a safe environment.

That being said, we hope you enjoy these pairings.

Dungeons & Dragons

Although we were originally going to keep this blog as a strict wine pairing adventure, we just can’t bring ourselves to go with a wine for Dungeons & Dragons — it doesn’t feel right. The correct pairing for this game would have to be a hearty ale. The flavor will, of course, depend on your party’s location because ale is regional. But it should most definitely be sipped out of a flagon.


We know, we know. CLUE? Here? Yes, it’s meant for a slightly younger audience, but the subject of the game is to solve a murder. And that, my friends, means a merlot is afoot. In addition to being the color of blood, a merlot just fits the aesthetic of a murder mystery. It’s rich, mysterious, and intriguing. Perfect for solving crimes!

Unstable Unicorns

Though it’s a card game, Unstable Unicorns definitely requires a table to play, and that makes it a tabletop game. (We’re kings/queens of technicalities over here at Rollacrit.) And because the art is fun and adorable, we went with a Pink Rosé. It’s light, sweet, and sugary. Just like the game. Just try to resist tossing it in the faces of your opponents. The game can get a little heated.

Heroes of Barcadia

We know it’s not technically out yet, but we couldn’t help but add our favorite game to the list. The best thing about Heroes of Barcadia is that you can play with any beverage, but trying it with blackberry wine is an adventure. Trust us! It’s a little bitter, yet still delicious, which makes losing HP even more of an experience.

That concludes our list for this week. We’ll probably do a few more of these, but remember: drink responsibly. If you’re under 21 and reading this, GRAPE JUICE WORKS FOR EVERYTHING. Thank you.

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