Intoxica the Necromixer STL

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Intoxica comes from a long line of powerful vampires. Unhappy with just being known as a Mistress of the Nightcap, she sought to obtain even more power. Her journeys took her to the Academy of Refined Spirits where she studied Necromixing, one of the forbidden magicks. The only red drink she craves more than the blood of her enemies is a nice merlot at the local tavern. The next time you think you’ve had too much to drink, you might actually be under one of Intoxica’s dark spells draining your life force. Better make sure to order a roasted garlic Bloody Mary to go. Either way, watch out… she bites. 

Download the Intoxica the Necromixer STL file so you can print a miniature for your collection, or for your Heroes of Barcadia game.

NOTICE: This is a digital download STL product. This is not a physical figure.

Product Specifications:

  • Intoxica the Necromixer STL
  • Available exclusively from Rollacrit
  • This is a digital download that will be sent to you after purchase
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  • PIY - Print it yourself
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