Maltilda the Stout-Hearted STL

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Matilda SMASH WITH MACE! Sorry, Maltilda is smashed (and she has a mace). But even intoxicated, she can mutter her way through more healing spells than even Vino the White Mage knows. As the daughter of a barmaid, Maltilda grew up with a special knowledge of the healing powers of booze. By mixing alcohol and healing spells, she can power up her cleric magic an gain a huge attack bonus (although sometimes her accuracy is a little impaired). She named her mace Bar Tab and has never paid for a drink in her life due to her intimidation tactics. Maltilda is also the undefeated Barcadia arm wrestling champion five years running. Don’t try to take her title or you might find yourself at the wrong end of her Bar Tab. 

Download the Maltilda the Stout-Hearted STL file so you can print a miniature for your collection, or for your Heroes of Barcadia game.

NOTICE: This is a digital download STL product. This is not a physical figure.

Product Specifications:

  • Maltilda the Stout-Hearted STL
  • Available exclusively from Rollacrit
  • This is a digital download that will be sent to you after purchase
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  • PIY-Print it yourself
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