Velcro Merit Badge Holder 55-inch Bag Strap

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Your first step toward joining the Merit Strap Program starts here! Display all your Rollacrit Merit Badges (or personal patches) with this Velcro Merit Strap.

The Merit Badge Program we’re building emphasizes the importance of engaging with the tabletop community. That’s why our future badges will never be for sale — the only way to get them is by coming together at conventions, shows, and special events or by accomplishing special tasks.

Don't settle for drab straps! Show some style and let your fandom match your outfit. Make your Bag of Holding your own with this interchangeable Velcro Merit Badge Holder 55-inch Bag Strap! 

Product Details:

  • Velcro Merit Badge Holder 55-inch Bag Strap
  • Rollacrit Bag of Holding Exclusive
  • Die-sub strap
  • Made with velcro and seatbelt-style nylon
  • Length: 55 inches
  • Spot-clean only

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